TAKE A HIKE OXFORD!  Walking in Circles at Harrington Mill Pond …


Bring your camera, a choice of lenses, and a tripod  (or your phone) for this 1 km photography walk around Harrington Pond on June 1, 2019 at 9 am or 10:30 am for a ONE-HOUR hands-on workshop. 


This is a “How To See” photography workshop so please get to know your camera beforehand.  You will learn how to choose your subject and how to make beautiful photographs of this pond, trees and wildlife.


Please dress appropriately and bring bug spray if you so choose.  The ground/path may be wet so wear comfortable dry boots. This is a fair weather workshop only.  Cameras and rain do not get along well (unless you have rainwear for yourself and your camera).


Minimum of 1 participant and maximum of 8.


You may pay your registration fee when you arrive.  We will meet at the Mill parking lot off Road 96.


Irene Miller



519 271-6500