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Beverley Blicker, Denison Gallery

I have to tell you that you are a FANTASTIC photographer. There is something about your photographs that makes the small amount of hair that I do have, stand up on my arms!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This does NOT happen very often!

Colleen Koolen, co-owner of Koolen Fine Arts

Your portraits are delicious!

Christina Pochmursky, Art Collector

"Your titles capture the moment as much as the images do. They march the viewer's eyeball right to where it counts...seeing your reality on all kinds of levels."

Leanne Pereault, University of Waterloo, Stratford Campus

"That was the least painful photo shoot I've ever done....really!

James Richard Beattie, Art Collector

'Your work is so splendid. I can see the calm and clarity of your life through your lens."

Paul Weijenberg, Geneva

"Seeing your work was a real pleasure... super work! I do love the attention to details, the feel for each situation. This is what real portraits are. I see and evaluate about 20 portfolio's each day, mostly fashion and portrait, your work stands out and I very seldom find this quality in my daily routine work. Keep it up!

Wendy Morton, Poet

"Every time I see one of your photographs, I nearly fall down."

Leslie Lee, Interior Designer

"I have admired Irene's artistic abilities since we first met many years ago. Over the past two years I have had the good fortune of working with her on photos for both my personal and professional applications. Irene skillfully sets the mood with carefully chosen music and lighting, and her studio is a fabulous backdrop for creating one-of-a-kind portraits. With her amazing eye for detail and her sensitivity to her subjects, it has been difficult for me to select only one portrait from the myriad images created."

Perry Hill, Mountain and Mitchell, LLP, Stratford

"Your photos of our family and of my old law firm are nothing short of excellent and I am recommending you to anyone who mentions having portraits taken."

Heather Lynch, Photographer/Journalist, ArtScape Magazine

"The stunning visuals presented in Miller's fine art photographs are reminiscent of poetry on a page."

Laura Calder, Paris, France

"These Photos of the Day! What a huge amount of work you are doing...I think it's wonderful".

Ula Pienkowska, Photographer, Poland

"Love how you have composed this! Great eye to see this and skill to capture it so very well."

Steven Pellerine, Photographer, Sendai, Japan

"Your image is so beautiful and will last for a long time. Another highlight of your photographic lifestyle."